Photo: Alan Barry

Welcome to Roughan Home!

A timeless tableau of beautiful objects for your home.

We invite you to browse our curated collection of found pieces throughout the world.   These special some one a kind curiosities are meant to enhance the way you live and be placed on your tables, walls and interiors for you, your family and friends to enjoy.   We believe in the experience of objects that can be passed down through generations.  Pieces that are made with love and define a period or movement that evokes shared memories. 
These objects of furniture, lighting, cloth, sculpture, art and wood are all hand crafted in different places throughout the world and have a story to share.  A narrative about the person who envisioned the piece, the craftsman or woman who made it by hand or the metal worker or potter  who shaped and sculpted with care and a vision.

Chris has thoughtfully designed homes throughout the world for her clients and is well versed in the quest for finding the perfect accessories.  Culled from her travels through the US, Europe, the Middle East, and using her trained eye for exceptional design, she created Roughan Home as an evolving collection of thought provoking objects, bibelots and art, for you to enjoy.

We hope you find beauty and inspiration in everything you do as we have! 

Roughan Home